Saturday, June 13, 2009

Before and After

Who doesn't love Before and Afters? Even if you don't like the "after" it's a great learning tool. Remember this chair?

With more sanding, more paint and a new seat it's so cute in floral with green check accent piping

only $135

This gold horror...

Look at the more mature "After"...... putty colored velvet with medallion accent fabric on the back and nickel nailhead trim. A steal at $225

And this pair.... went from the bordello to the board room, don't ya think?
Red velvet complete with brush fringe trim and button tufting:

Now, refined in a lovely stripe that the pictures don't do justice to at all

The first two are for sale at the shop, and the striped pair were for a client, but are a perfect example of how much new upholstery can change the look of something. Vision, and/or imagination, that's all it takes. Tune in for the next phase of B & A. I have an idea for a giveaway......

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Bank Job

An update on how the banner and set up went at US bank. I got the banner done. I think it turned out cute, and got the message across. I really wanted to "collage" it a little more, o.k....a lot more. I just get so nervous that I will screw it up. Does anyone else have this problem? It would probably help if I didn't wait until the last minute. Maybe then I would have more courage to mess around, instead of just getting it done. The good news is, at least one person was interested enough to check the shop out. She saw the goodies at US Bank and has been in twice for a few things for her revamped guest room. In fact she bought the little red stool you see in the picture. Apparently, she tried to buy it from the teller and they looked at her like she was crazy.

I felt a little silly taking pictures in a bank, so they aren't great. Guess this set-up would have been a good ruse if I were "casing the joint", which I'll admit is tempting in these times of "economic crisis". If only I was confident there is actually any money behind that bullet-proof glass.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garden and Paint

Lucinda and Cynthia are two gals who share a booth here at the shop. They are new, and their little space is really coming together. Along with many wonderful home decor pieces, Lucinda has incorporated her garden coach business by offering live sedum gardens in great little planters. For those of you that don't know (I had no idea) sedums are low maintenance succulent plants often used in rock gardens. They don't need much in the way of water so they are easy to keep in pots. Here's a couple in the store now, and I have to admit I am pretty happy with this picture:
Cynthia just brought in these cute painted children's chairs. She had told me she was a professional painter, but the attention to details on these little cutie's is impeccable.
The pictures really don't do them justice. Cynthia does murals and custom painting as well. I really like how these ladies have incorporated their two business into their space. Not to mention they have great stuff.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Procrastination & Inspiration

Next week at US Bank on 42nd and Alberta I signed Vestiges up to be the "vendor of the week" I have had about a month to prepare, and here I am Saturday trying to come up with signage. I think a cute banner would be great! I went out to blog land for some inspiration and here are a few of my favorites:

This one by Lisa at a A Thing For Roses who's getting ready for Farm Chicks!

Here's a sweet one done by Amy @ Poppy & Ivy's this search revealed she is quite the whiz at these things, if only I had started worrying about this before today.This one I found on Flickr probably a little over the top for the bank, but what a beauty!

If I end up with anything worth looking at I will update next week with a picture of my own. Since I have spent the last few hours "researching" I better get to work, man how does time fly.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Critter window ie... open invitation

Gail came in to fluff the owl window . The owls have been flying out the door (hee hee). It became the all inclusive "Critter Window"

Around 5:3o, I hear some glass clinking in the back of the shop. As far as I know I am alone. I click the refresh button on my email one more time, and come out from behind the counter to investigate. To my shock and surprise I am toe to toe with a squirrel! Her partner in crime is skidding around the corner, and out of back of the shop. This is followed by a crashing sound. Then these two casually make their way to the front (just browsing I guess). I am just standing in disbelief contemplating how you get two squirrels out of a chotchkie shop???? I decide first I will make a move for the camera. When I relocate the squirrels, one of them is literally in the "Critter Window"! Before I could get a good shot she had sprung up onto the vintage linens. A brooch for sis perhaps? After a little photo shoot we make our way to the door and say our goodbye's. Just a little end of day entertainment right?

I am straightening the shop and checking for accidents..... whoops! ANOTHER SQUIRREL! Her instict apparently screamed "Jump in this pink pot!" I just had to take some more pics, these gals were very obliging models.
I then tried to shoo her out (using a kitchen utensil that screamed squirrel shoo-er) and nothing. She clearly was not leaving without the pot (Um we're closing miss ;) Terrified, I pick up the pot, and willed this terrified squirrel to stay put. "Please don't launch rabidly out of the pot at my face." I say. "I don't think either of us will survive that." I think we came to an understanding this squirrel and I. She was released back into the wild (parking lot) where her pals were waiting expectantly.

Suffice it to say it was a very fun way to end the day. I still crack up thinking about it. No rabies shots, no broken pots, dishes, or soiled linens. You know what they say about leaving the door open. Anyone could just waltz in.....or anything.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wipe your tears

Crying happens at weddings and funerals. How romantic and classy is it to have a beautiful, hand embroidered hanky at your fingertips instead of a wad of kleenex in your fist. We have so many greaty hankies in the store, many of them with amazing hand embroidery. Personally, I have always been put off by the idea of a hanky. In and out of your pocket or purse.... in these days of hand sanitizers I was just curious where the hanky fit in.

A gal was in today and picked out a pretty one. She mentioned that now all she needed was a wedding or a funeral to go to. Inspired, I bought my 1st hanky. May it be for wiping tears of joy, rather than those of pain.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Bella Giveaway

Just checked out OGT blog and read this story that tugged at my heart strings:

This future junker was born early (only 23 weeks)on March 12, and at just 15 oz., she was no bigger than a minute. Since then, she has been packin' it on, and was a whole 2 lbs. 8oz. at her last weigh in! Go Bella! Her grandma is Deb from the blog Talking Trash. Deb says that Bella is currently residing in her very own glass palace! The Junk Sistas have joined forces to raise money to help with Bella's medical expenses. Each sista has donated a fabulous something to be raffled off starting TODAY ! The loot includes jewelry, vintage treasures, cowboy boots, art and a chandelier made from a fork! Tickets are only $10. You can check out the loot here at Junk Sistas. I just went to check out the giveaway and get a raffle ticket. Boy there are some great things, and its all in the name of a beautiful baby girl. What's better than that?

Win something great and help this baby girl and her family. Win -Win!